Motorhead Logo 3d hoodie, bomber and shirt

Limited edition, available in a few days, full color and more style. Motorhead Logo 3d hoodie. Order now before lose it forever.



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Thank for staying engaged with the citizens. We must hear from leaders we trust and respect. Your calm and soothing demeanor as well as your intelligence and empathetic heart are truly needed at this time. We love and miss you. Your educated logic and genuine care and leadership are needed and sorely missed. Dont stop speaking to us. Motorhead Logo 3d hoodie. We’re listening. I often wonder if people ever stop to ask themselves of the likelihood that a sitting president will continue on with public service after their term has ended, as I view this as a very important marker of one’s true concern and interest in America’s long term prosperity and growth. I am SO thankful that leaders like you continue to guide and give after the public spotlight has faded.

Motorhead Logo 3d hoodie

Motorhead Logo 3D Bomber
Motorhead Logo 3D T-Shirt
Motorhead Logo 3D Zip Hoodie
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Consult people you know who are epidemiologists and disease ecologists. There are many of us out there. Listen to facts and reason – graphs like this are very helpful for understanding why we need to limit large group mixing right now. People need to stop downplaying this just to make themselves feel better. Have enough supplies on-hand for at least two weeks in case you need to self-quarantine and please practice social distancing, handwashing and stop touching your face even if you aren’t sick. Motorhead Logo 3d hoodie. This isn’t the “flu” – it is a new virus and while we shouldn’t panic, it’s better to be over-prepared and take sweeping measures than to overwhelm our already stretched medical system. I was going to the Cherry Blossom Festival in DC later this month, but not anymore. Just not worth it. As a society, we need to look out for others as well as ourselves.

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