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I had back labor 48 hours then the doctor decided on a c section. During labor she helped me by rubbing my back. Murderous Black Cat Knife What. The doctor over saw my care. In this state a midwife can only deliver under a doctor’s supervision.

Murderous Black Cat Knife What

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The doctor decides when a c section is required not the midwife. We both requested a c section at 24 hour mark but doctor felt i was still progressing. I was taken for emergency c section. My midwife served as a liason between me and my baby. Bringing me Polaroid pictures of my baby to hold onto in recover and keeping me informed of what was going on with her.. No one else was allowed in recovery but she is an midwife and allowed in recovery. Murderous Black Cat Knife What. I had a midwife for 2 of my 3 births and highly recommend them. I have a midwife, I will be birthing at home. It’s a more personal experience, more intimate as well. I have a obgyn for emergencies or needs, but I’ve seen him once and he works with my midwife. Doulas support the woman who is pregnant throughout and after birth, giving support wherever needed, cleaning, cooking, massaging ect. Both are amazing. Caitlin Burnett my Midwife taught me all those things. Also yoga posses to help stretch everything yes everything! And what to do to help the milk if your not planning to use it. Tylene Bergeron what state are you in? I’m in va, my midwife will be doing my birth as long as I continue with no complications. I gave birth 19 years ago. Maybe midwives and doulas aren’t popular or common where I live because I live near a major city? At the hospital (in the city) where I gave birth, all that stuff was provided by nursing staff; prenatal nurse, maternity nurse, postpartum nurse, lactation specialist.

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