Murtagh the original godfather mug

Do you love it? Murtagh the original godfather mug. Available in more style, buy it today before lose it forever.



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Meanwhile Creepy Joe Biden, the Democratic puppet. Murtagh the original godfather mug. Can take and pillage his way through decade of politics with barely a nod from main stream media!

Murtagh the original godfather mug

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Republicans must unite as never before and support our President, our Country, and our Freedoms! Murtagh the original godfather mug. We need a turnout so big, so outrageous that we wipe out the power hold the Democratic regime is attempting. I don’t understand people that claim to be U.S. American citizens who want to destroy our nation and turn it into a third world country. These people can not be true American citizens…If they are not happy here then go to a country they will be happy in. Trump is the one destroying our nation, just look at how he calls people names. The people he is calling names ARE American citizens that he is supposed to be representing. If the leader of your country spews hatred and treats anyone who doesn’t agree with him like garbage, are they mad at their country or the leader? A successful leader brings people together and makes citizens feel patriotic. Taking ownership of mistakes you have made is a sign of mature leadership, blaming others for your mistakes is a child’s temper tantrum. perhaps people who think they can impose their definition of “true American” on others ought to move to another country, say Venezuela or Russia. I mean I love the Washington Redskins but what would it look like if I said ESPN was fake news and the Redskins win the super bowl Every year?

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