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Duffles Are Ideal For Two Bag Travel

As you may have guessed, two bag travel is traveling with two bags. It can play out in a few different ways—a backpack and duffle, duffle and roller luggage, or duffle and duffle. (Really, it doesn’t need to involve a duffle at all, but this is a duffle bag guide so we’re going to ignore all those other possibilities.)

Essentially, you shove your clothes and other gear into the larger bag (usually the duffle) and your laptop and other “daily essential” items into the smaller one

Two Bag Travel With The Peak Design Travel Duffel & Everyday Backpack 20L
Two Bag Travel With The Peak Design Travel Duffel & Everyday Backpack 20L

Some companies have designed their bags with the two bag travel system in mind, so you can pick up a duffle and backpack that complement one another. For example, the Tortuga Setout Duffle Bag is intended to be used

Duffles Make Great Road Trip Bags

Duffle bags—most of them, anyway—are good at squishing. That means they’re pretty dang good at squeezing into the random nooks and crannies left over when you’ve packed your car full of everything you’ll need for an epic, worthy-of-the-big-screen road trip. You can throw them on top of each other pretty easily too. Plus, duffles can hold a lot without much fuss, so you can worry less about optimal packing and enjoy the wind in your hair (metaphorically or literally).

Duffle Bags Stacked In The Trunk Of A Car
Duffle Bags Stacked In The Trunk Of A Car

Duffles are Easy

If you have a lot of stuff and zero patience to organize said stuff, you will love a duffle bag. Simply throw all of your unfolded clothes into the main bucket, zip it all up, and you’ll be good to go.

Duffles Can Look Professional

It can feel awkward to stroll into a business meeting dressed in professional garb…wearing a backpack. Duffle bags tend to look a little more polished.

Nomad Lane Bento Bag Sport Edition in Detroit
Nomad Lane Bento Bag Sport Edition in Detroit

Of course, this isn’t always the case. Some duffle bags look way less sophisticated than some backpacks. But head-to-head—professional backpack versus professional duffle—the duffle usually wins.

Duffles Are Budget-Friendly

There are many, many exceptions to this (looking at you, Gucci), but often you can find quality, spacious duffle bags at affordable price-points.

Because You Like Duffles

You don’t have to have a specific reason for liking duffles, maybe you just like them. If so, go for it.

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