To my gorgeous wife quilt blanket

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Is not perfect but some of you get to attached to MCU. To my gorgeous wife quilt blanket. Its a new franchise, they have to adap it and bring something new.

To my gorgeous wife quilt blanket

To my gorgeous wife quilt blanket - picture 1
quilt blanket – picture 1
To my gorgeous wife quilt blanket - picture 2
quilt blanket – picture 2
To my gorgeous wife quilt blanket - picture 3
quilt blanket – picture 3

I have my doubts too but there is still a year left for release. And character voices are amazing, frikin Troy Baker and Nolan North. My biggest complain hast to be Thor looking like a Spartan. I hope it’s a revamped enhanced version of the marvel console game that got shutdown not too long ago, that was a good game. This could be interesting. Crystal Dynamics are the ones who developed the Legacy of Kain series and we haven’t heard a lot from that team in a while. So when are we going to change the Iron Man page into the Captian Marvel page. I really didn’t follow this page for her. If I wanted to be thrown her content constantly I’d like her page. So glad I didnt waste my money. You couldn’t even give it out for free and I would watch. Every scene in Endgame she was in was excruciating and ruined those scenes for me. I was so excited when they announced that captain marvel will join the MCU, too bad it was carol Denvers and not the other version of captain marvel since how bad she was as captain marvel in the comics and she still is. The disappointment got bigger when they announced that the one who will cast her was brie Larson. Marvel should have honestly made a short film about her. 30 mins tops. Her movie wasnt needed and she wasnt needed in endgame either. To my gorgeous wife quilt blanket. Hell she only had 15 min in endgame and half of that wasnt even being used to her full potential.

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