My nation my heritage face mask

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Everyone should mail in their ballot if they receive one unrequested. My nation my heritage face mask. But mail them only 1-2 days prior to the election, so it won’t be registered yet when you VOTE IN PERSON!!

My nation my heritage face mask

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face mask- pic 1

If you get an extra one sent to your house…send it in! This is war. Have to fight back or we will lose. Don the Con” has a beautiful wife. I think his “manhood” is fine. Lol I didn’t really read the rest of your post. Seen it all before. Cuba and Venezuela have openings for new citizenship for those among us who think socialism is a good idea. Go try it out. Then come back and vote for Trump. James Temple So many lies. What “worn out trick like delaying the election”? My nation my heritage face mask. When was a U.S. presidential election every delayed, and on what basis? Your lies tell everyone how desperate you are. Tell us, James, without mentioning Trump, why Joe Biden should be president. If Biden is such a bad candidate, then why is he leading in every single poll? It’s not that Biden will beat Trump, it’s that Trump will beat Trump. Saying dumb things and constantly lying and bullying, gassing Americans for a photo op, threatening to use the military against Americans, being out of touch with what is going on across America with the protests, not willing to change Confederate names on military bases, generals lining up against him and denouncing him, a rape lawsuit may proceed, having botched the COVID response and showing no remorse as 189,000 (“It is what it is” ) and counting Americans have died, national debt skyrocketing, recession, kids in cages at the border, tax cut for the wealthy, massive unemployment and not having fulfilled his main campaign promises. 38-40% will not do it in November.

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