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His objective is achieved. My Governor Is An Idiot. Cause frivolous tensions and bickering in the middle-east, brand their leaders as terrorists, carry out an assassination by a drone strike and then secure your second term from the votes of the dim-wits who probably think you’d be capable of protecting them in a simmering war. Sit back and relax.

My Governor Is An Idiot

My Governor Is An Idiot longsleeve tee
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My Governor Is An Idiot tank top
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My Governor Is An Idiot v-neck

Trump is a sick twisted man. Raedane Raedane only problem with that is …call for investigation of death of that Military General ..they lied about the Hague want to investigate. Raedane Raedane except he was labelled a terrorist by even the UN. My Governor Is An Idiot. He fuelled and funded proxy wars and terrorist organisations. He was responsible for the loss of life to Iranian protestors and US soldiers. Rycave, so you call what the U.S does as “operations” because they are clearly articulated and reported on biased media, yet everything you’ve no control over is branded as “terrorism”… what has the U.S been doing outside of its soil, fighting all this futile wars that no one seems to be able to explain. The UN? Please, we know which country pulls those strings. Raedane Raedane or soleimani was a murderous terrorist who was taken out in one swift drone strike because the US had enough of him organising the deaths of thousands. No bargaining chip is there at this point. They’re rogue. Since you think you know their next move, you should know that they’ll strike in rogue fashion too. We all know they’re rogue, but surely America still has some decent politicians who know the difference between right and wrong, and who aren’t ruled by Jerusalem and AIPAC.

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