To my son quilt blanket

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People who make these kind of comments have no idea how graphical rendering works. To my son quilt blanket. I’d love to see you make these kind of graphics in engine on a PS2 game. You couldn’t.

To my son quilt blanket

To my son quilt blanket - picture 1
quilt blanket – picture 1
To my son quilt blanket - picture 2
quilt blanket – picture 2
To my son quilt blanket - picture 3
quilt blanket – picture 3

To everyone complaining that they don’t look and sound like the MCU. Square Enix has decas of material to pull from the comics. They don’t have to be carbon copies of the MCU. Judging by the comments I see many people who didn’t know Marvel was a thing before the MCU. Lmao. Hey, guess what before the MCU was a thing the Avengers existed in comic books and other things.  I’m just gonna say at least they should’ve picked the same voice actor who does Tony Stark in Marvel VS Capcom Infinite no one else gets as close as he does to Robert Downey Jr.’s voice and personality. Guess there was no money left for motion caprturing the MCU actors we all came familiar with for the last decade. With the strength of the franchise fandom, and the stellar reputation of square enix, this game would’ve completely exploded, much like a new avengers movie, but just an interactive one. There would not be any 1 year in advance marketing necessary. Why would they use the actors from the movies that would be stupid this isn’t Avengers:The Movie it’s an original project with an original story,that’s like asking comic book artist or cartoonist why there versions didn’t look like Scarlet Johanson or Robert Downey Jr. Come on stop complaining and as far as PS3,PS2 jokes really it doesn’t there’s nothing in this video that looks like it could be played on those systems it looks more like Spider Man PS4 but Avengers like it should,too many complainers. To my son quilt blanket. I don’t know what y’all expected.

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