Namaste cloth face mask

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The left and the media may need to protect Hillary and Obama from the Crossfire Hurricane investigation. Namaste cloth face mask. What do you think is the limit of what they would do to protect them?

Namaste cloth face mask

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Are Trump and Pence in danger? Namaste cloth face mask. Is that why they aren’t worried about piggybacking their true candidate on Biden as the VP. With Pelosi finishing the term the investigation would go away and pardons would be issued. Is anything too extreme with the Clintons involved. Would anything be really surprising these days. It would save time and money if barr and Durham get it together before the election. I will be very suspicious if they do not appear to be going in that direction. If not, WHY not? We MUST win and I believe we can but only if we get out and vote. They will cheat, I know, but we have at least half of 350 million people who are repubs, and if they come out and vote, we can overcome the fraud . they don’t care about his health as someone else – deep state – will be in charge of the office of the President. I don’t want to lose our country, and certainly not to the commies. do you think debates will happen or do you think Dems will try to carry this CoVid thing through end of year and claim no debates because of CoVid . Please ask God for all of you to help us. Our family has not eaten for two days. Our country is closed and we have no business. Help us.

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