Nascar cup series champions poster

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Trump is no scientist, doesn’t understand science. Nascar cup series champions poster. But he’s not alone.

Nascar cup series champions poster

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Science is often used to manipulate people because of the sheer ignorance of basic knowledge. Nascar cup series champions poster. It’s the UV that can kill viruses. I have one in my ductwork for my heat pump. Ever hear you can get sunburned on a cloudy day? Trump is the gift that keeps on giving! The industry that thrives on division and chaos loves him. I have never been a Trump fan, and it’s for sure, I’m not a fan of the media either. Before any press briefings, president Trump needs his ear checked…..not a single world from the medical-scientific community goes into him…. Who could or would listen to him? He just told people to ingest disinfectants. Are you kidding? Why has the 25th amendment not been approved? Now Trump wants to look into injecting disinfectant into humans! Let him go first! I don’t trust Trump’s info on anything. But his COVID-19 misinformation is costing American lives. A bit of history: Barack Obama became president in the middle of the Great Recession. His efforts helped restore growth and reduce unemployment from 10.2% at its peak to 4.7%. He launched what would be a decade of job gains that just ended. Orangutan Trump inherited this economy and he destroyed everything by his incompetence, his refusal to listen to scientists. Everything that touches trump dies. Why aren’t his people stood right next to him stepping in to correct him immediately? Is he fully surrounded by yes men who don’t care about the population?

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