Nasty woman i believe face mask

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And the fact that our stores in the US don’t let you bring your own bags anymore. Nasty woman i believe face mask. Unless you bag it yourself (which can’t always be done esp if you are by yourself and stocking up).

Nasty woman i believe face mask

Nasty woman i believe face mask- pic 1
face mask- pic 1

So tons of plastic bags are now being wasted too! All very well and I certainly try hard to recycle. However when you see Anita show the family how much they saved using a sheet of paper for every item they saved! Trees and paper??! Nasty woman i believe face mask. Why not use a blackboard and chalk? Doesn’t have to be paper, I use cloth bags which last for years andalso have a thing on wheels I use. Nothing bad about them. I believe you have misunderstood me. In the programme Anita used a flip over book and used a sheet from it for every single item they had saved a few pence on! Each item they saved she wrote the amount on a sheet from it then flipped over to the next page to write down next saving! My complaint was that she was complaining about waste and then wasted so many sheets of paper when she could easily have just written savings on say a blackboard. Seemed odd to me the waste of the paper! Please show the solution also . Humans are like heard of sheep. If one ……………………. As we are watching this news definitely we will watch solutions also and apply in our day to day life . In India people are mostly using cloth masks which can be washed. But the use of plastic wrappings for fruits abd vegetables has increased again.

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