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I’m Sebastião António Monteiro. Better known as Sélcio Monteiro, I am 25 years old, I live alone, I finished high school in a business management course, I was born in the maternity hospital Lucrécia Paim, I am a son abandoned by my parents, I was found at the door of a Catholic church in Maculusso sacred family, I had only 1 month old, it was the priests and the Madres who welcomed me and raised me until I was 18 years old. I already worked as a boutique model more due to the pandemic I was unemployed and in need, I want to continue my studies attending college is what I want most, nobody else supports me because I have no family in this world, help me. Rush Darwish you’re so noble that you had to insult the best president since Reagan. Liberals have to hate They have nothing else. Native american indigenous hawaiian shirt

Native american indigenous hawaiian shirt

I have met many Muslims over the years. You are just like everyone else but a target for weirdos who just don’t understand and never will that you are not a threat. You are just a person. Just like they are.. Rush Darwish this Roman Catholic has one thing to say to you Muslims… Native american indigenous hawaiian shirt Eid Mubarak!. Rush Darwish I am Christian but I hear you. However I have to love all my fellow man. As far as Trump we must love him but don’t have to like what he does. I believe that is more clarified this way. I was a republican that went Democrat to vote Trump out. That is the proper way of doing things. I have friends in all walks of life. I dislike Trumps followers simply they are leaning on Trumps Lies. Have a good day friend.. Rush Darwish yes but muslims only look after themselves, sadly speaking

Native american indigenous hawaiian shirt

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