Native Amreican Watch Us Be Great Flag



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The people that are working definitely deserve more than there getting Native Amreican Watch Us Be Great Flag They keep things going and open! But so many people right now don’t want to work and are sitting on their butts collecting unemployment. When there are so many businesses hurting to staff there workplaces! And the workers who are working are overworked!! Stop the unemployment “bonus” People need more motivation to get off their butts it seems ( to add I’ve heard several people say why work when I can make more on unemployment? ) this is the problem right there! Some with medical issues it may not be best for them to go back with covid still going. But for the rest who can work that just want to collect a check. People working now are over worked! There not enough truck drivers to deliver goods etc no one wants to work. The labor working class, the elderly and disabled are in poverty, not all but a lot are in poverty. Things have got to change.

Native Amreican Watch Us Be Great Flag

Jennifer SundellWell that isn’t what’s happening in any of those states, at all! You don’t even try to be discreet anymore.29 . Patrick LeslieOr we could just require voter ID21 . Miles NeedlecraftHere’s a radical idea: if cowardly politicians in New York, in California, in Illinois, and in states all across the country cannot win elections by running on their ideas, if the only way they can win is by voter fraud, then maybe they should get the … See More41 . Paul H. DiJulioBernie Sanders, If the only way you can win is by trying to rig the system so that it’s easier for undocumented immigrants, illegal immigrants, people who are no longer eligible to vote for various reasons, and dead people to continue voting in our ele… See More99 . Glenn DuszSays the guy that sold himself out in two Presidential elections. 17 . Kevin MasonDesantis could take a photocopy of his ass and sign it in front of reporters and FL Republicans will tell everyone how great it was and how hard he’s fighting for the people.26  Native Amreican Watch Us Be Great Flag

Native Amreican Watch Us Be Great Flag

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