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Aminah KawooyaWhen the president has love for his country and working on the benefits of the citizens not his family here in uganda government want to borrow again to pay the maturing debt20 . Olga OliviaTHANK YOU PRESIDENT BIDEN AND YOUR ADMINISTRATION !! Finally a President that truly cares about America and it’s still a long road to put the USA back after the previous 1 term 2 time impeached that thinks he’s still a president and the GQP helping him… See More19 . Barb FrankTrumps economy was built strong and is roaring back stop printing money take a nap and let the folks handle the economy46 . Ilias BelloThat’s what good president are known for not the ones that inflict too much poverty on his people’s19 . Simon MapsProgress is what you promised America and progress is what America is realising. Cult 45 is out and build back better in motion. Bravo Biden-Harris42  Native Bear Tattoo Quilt Blanket

Native Bear Tattoo Quilt Blanket

Glody Kabwit YavThat’s why I like you. The best president in the world 34 . Rena FinneyWhat abt helping those of us on ss our cost of living income needs adjusted so much. Seniors cant make it.13 . Kassondra Mathis HoudekYes! Standby for one of the largest economic recoveries in U.S. history! Q1GDP comes in at a huge 6.4%. That hasn’t happened in decades! Nice work! 21 . Md. Juyelur RahmanVery soon America will collapse & Israel will control the World economy, Technology, Education etc.Wait & see5 . Sam P WertherNONE of this is your doing, blockhead! Virus and complete shutdowns in all states led to massive layoffs and closings. You just happen to be the one in office during the recovery! This exact same scenario would be happening if Mickey Mouse or anyb… See More28 . Davis BenavidesLet’s keep moving forward together as one nation – not separate by race, religion, gender, or sexuality.God bless America 26  Native Bear Tattoo Quilt Blanket

Native Bear Tattoo Quilt Blanket

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