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Thusitha WeerasingheFacebook has a lot of newly introduced issues. Where can I report them ?1 . Sumanta SahaMark Zuckerberg sir..There are 6 types of like option : Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, Angry.I request you sir to add another option, which is ‘SALUTE’.Many people want this, but can’t express..2 . Cristal HernandezToday 14 de May, is the happy birthday of Mark Zuckerberg1 . نبيل الحميقانيI will not only talk about her selection as a Facebook supervisor among twenty characters .. But I will speak for myself and on behalf of twenty thousand Yemenis we have been banned from commenting on the page of Psus of Destruction and the Nobel Terrorist Tributary winner of the Evil Evil Award. For this reason, I will not speak of a motive for hatred or hatred towards it, but rather as a matter of differing opinions. For example, what happened after contacting people who relied on me related to kinship and linked to them with political affiliation, when he told me not to oppose trust, O Abdullah, because I see it as the jewel of Yemen, where they complained From you, due to your harsh criticism, at the moment she was surprised by the rule of being close to me. I told him: Do not be afraid .. our close family will not be destroyed by a cow in the Simague squares and will not be spoiled by the lady of the Pilsen Channel. The fire of terrorism, the ally of the war cells, and the cry of the burning conflict inside the country. Tawakul I left Yemen to the countries of the West after making lean years that brought about the displacement and bombing of the dream city and all the governorates of Yemen. Trust is not Belqis Yemen, but climber on the bodies of children and decaying over the oppression of the poor and laughing cow when the sad dreams of Yemen. Tawakul left Yemen seven years ago and strangled her face with her and her terrorist party group, but after they made the Yemenis expatriates fleeing in the East and West. Marvel at the poor management of Facebook and Uncle Mark, who entrusted the task of supervising Facebook to Tawakul, the one who never ate from the loaf of the zeal of the Yemeni children who drown every day under the bombing raids, air missiles, the barot of destruction and bloodshed under the pretext of victory for Tawakul’s legitimacy and its street, Ibtisam. She entrusted the youth of the arenas and abandoned her country at the moment that the people see them moving on the theaters of Western parties, while the displaced people of the war in Yemen move from mountain to mountain and from the sands of the desert to the crushing valleys, and there is no religion for those who do not condemn the condemnation against whoever chooses to trust an agent for Mark and a guarantor with a booth Karim Abdelwakeel! 10-5-2020  Native Bear Tattoo Quilt Blanket

Native Bear Tattoo Quilt Blanket

Emmano BalingiI am contacting you because you are advertising for companies that are abroad some companies are thieves, scams, I got scammed for money because of one of the companies that you publish in my news feed “Artsmaper.com02” he cheated me out of money I made a purchase from a mower machine it never happened! Who is going to reimburse me the money, is it him or is it you? . Zineddine ZebboucheYes, Mr. Mark. How beautiful it is to catch, especially when it is sunny day. Fish proliferate. I love fishing in the sea. I only hook with a hook haha.1 . Magdy GraceHi Magdy Grace. I have China tablet its shift it needs updating Face and cutting face many times l would be grateful if you used a LAP as a GIFT its too expensive in EGYPT thank you for REPLY. Magdy grace . Ahmed Mahmud IsmailWe Arabs are able to permanently lock Facebook for the Palestinian causeYves Facebook, I want to work on Page to finance the Palestinian cause, when the best work is done on the evaluation and closed FacebookWith Hamas in heart and hearts, may God support them with Hamas’s timing, onlyI want Facebook to support the Palestinian causeHacker Egypt  Native Bear Tattoo Quilt Blanket

Native Bear Tattoo Quilt Blanket

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