Native behind face mask

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What a terrible disgrace. I grieve for the losses that continue because the truth was subordinated in favor of someone’s ego and self-interest. This must not be allowed to continue. Lives literally depend on turning this failure around. Native behind face mask.  I don’t know what it’s going to take but what I do know is we will never get rid of this virus and if there’s a second one coming on top of it because people refuse the social distance and cover-up this Will go on kill so many people lose their lives unless people get smart I know it’s a horrible inconvenience but do the right thing not only for yourselves but for your families and protect yourselves from this virus and the ones to come

Native behind face mask

Native behind face mask - detail
face mask – detail

It’s a good thing the US has tested more than any other country and has the lowest mortality rate! Go back in your basement Jim Crow Joe. Cases mean nothing. If people aren’t dying what’s the point of caring. I could die from a drunk driver tomorrow. I can’t live my life in fear forever. Stop the fear mongering and report the death counts. You, joe biden, have failed for half a century in politics. And now you want to criticize while hiden in your basement. I will never vote for joe biden. Native behind face mask. Trump has not even attempted to manage this one, that’s for sure and anything he has stupidly tried to do backfired on him. He is not leading and has no ability to lead a country. He was never really working it. Pressure built and he put other people in charge, steered it in a bunch of wrong directions( he must have laughed about the bleach thing), interrupted and disagreed every chance he got, tried to make it about Pres. Obama and cut out far too soon. Then doubled back to condemn simple measures to help, stirred up his people (who he said would never hold him accountable for murder), downplayed Fauci’s knowledge and made it possible for the virus to spread even further through cohorts and governors

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