Native American Bigfoot shirt and tank top and v-neck

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What about Disabled Veterans who work at the Veterans hospitals. Native American Bigfoot. Your backing cuts in our Unions?

Native American Bigfoot

Native American Bigfoot v-neck
Native American Bigfoot tank top
tank top
Native American Bigfoot hoodie

And our future wages and retirement requirements Im all for yas but please remembers who votes for you. Mark Overly younare terribly misinformed.. change thechannel and get the facts..this statement is moronic..Trump has cleaned up all the atrocities at the Vets hospitals, including the workers. Mark Overly if they based pay on quality of treatment at many of our veterans centers there would be a whole lot of pay cuts. There are candidates who support unions and vet benefits. Native American Bigfoot. Why would you vote for Bone Spurs? I don’t get it. Amazed at the lack of information the Democrats have how about this? Google your questions and ask Google what about this what about that see what it comes up with and see what you come up with check the source of everything you’re hearing before you make a decision how about that? If you truly want to make a difference against Mr Trump check facts. Check sources. I d think that one through again ! There probably hasn t been a president as pro military since John Kennedy in office !! And trump is definitely firmly behind the military and raises for unions what have the pass democratic leaders done for them but use them ..all their leaders have shipped your jobs overseas ..that is the democrats plan ..Obama bill and Hillary Clinton all hate the military and police !! That is simply a fact !! Wake up you need to stop watching msm !

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