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He is only interested in his well being…nothing matters. He keep saying America First, but the truth is obvious now… Look at the fatality rate soaring up by thousand each day and he keep on saying WE ARE DOING A GREAT JOB….his good job is not enough. I do care about right and wrong. Native Door Cover. I care very much about America, and protecting our constitution and the importance of free and fair elections. I don’t know if Biden got rich off lying and cheating, but I DO know that tRump did.

Native Door Cover

Native Door Cover - pic 1
Door Cover – pic 1

I believe strongly in law and order, and that’s why I voted AGAINST tRump! So corrupt that as of today You have a Vaccine for covid 19. Give it a rest already unless you are going to investigate Obama and how he used the IRS as a weapon. He’s only ever been president in name only. A dangerous but useless shell of a human being. Now he’s nothing but a has-been and totally irrelevant. The people who blindly follow him are just as bad… There are a lot of reversals coming with the new administration…can’t wait. It is sickening that people are denoting money to a fraudulent defend the election fund to enrich him.. What is up with this and what will he spend their money on? He knows he lost and so does the RNC. These swampsters have enriched themselves these past four years and Ivanka is now buying land worth 30 million dollars in Florida. All they care abut is making their family richer and have shown no concern about the Americans sickened and dying right now. Give the man a chance. We elected a phony reality tv personality who was horrible. Don’t send Trump any money because it is going to revamping Mar a Lago for his own benefit. Socialist- Commie are who drink the koolaid and repeat each others PC nonsense. Cults don’t tolerate free speech and we’ve seen the leftists who are intolerant time and time again. ANTIFA is a bunch of mental cases and criminals, BLM was breaking store windows and stealing everything in the stores. Native Door Cover. They all were terrorizing American citizens and the Police! I said the same thing. Either these Republican “leaders” are craven for power so much so that they are willing to let democracy die OR they are so weak and cowardly that they are afraid of being bullied by a 76 year old child. Either way they are pathetic and don’t deserve to remain in office. I couldn’t possibly argue with what you said. The fact is unless somebody is so connected with this cult that they’ve lost their ability to reason, There’s simply no argument left to defend Donald Trump or people who support what he’s up to. It’s a sad and disgusting display of selfishness shortsightedness and absolute childishness at the expense of our futures and our democracy.

Do you love it? Native Door Cover. Available in more style, buy it today before we sell out.

What kind of people, don’t get that? The only answer is, the kind of people who actually want this country to be unstable. that’s a possibility for some of them. He’s unhinged. If they cross him, he’d come down with a severe case of verbal diarrhea and start spilling ALL the tea! how can his so called partners in business continue to back him unless he has something on them and therefore they are obligated to help him maybe Maxwell and Epstein has something on all of them you think otherwise they should cut ties with the whole bunch. I think so too. Some of the Republicans who refused to support this attempted coup have been threatened by armed men. The constitution was written to be majority rule not minority rule. Conservatives are the minority in this country.

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