Native Grandchildren Of The Indians Shirt



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Ruthie WildenAs usual! By pass them if they do not want to work for US! Let’s show them that it works! The economy will improve, people will feel hopeful. All kinds of benefits61 . Wolfgang CobiánFrom my experience working in a structural engineering office for 30 years, the construction field is ignorantly “Conservative” and against Unions. Engineers (just like medical doctors) have little power in the design process because Planners (just lik… See More77 . Top FanAmanda Brenner-CannonRepublicans just want to help fund corporations. They don’t care about taking care of the needs of Americans or the country.40 . David KingsburyMr Sanders can we see a breakdown of dollars to be spent in the Democrat sponsored bill for Infrastructure. Where the money is actually being allocated. It would be good to see how this compares to the Republican version. 20 . Janice Hitt FrederickAs usual, Republicans do nothing to rebuild America or help the neededRemember the stimulus you received was from the Democrats!!!Republicans didn’t want you to get it!!16  Native Grandchildren Of The Indians Shirt

Native Grandchildren Of The Indians Shirt

Carrie Yando Jamesthe republicans wouldn’t be getting away with this if the democrats, with a few exceptions, weren’t complicit. Biden didn’t call out Manchin or Sinema. He used them for an excuse. For years I watched DJT and McConnell destroy all parameters of decency… See More15 . John AlexanderIt’s strange that the conservatives NEVER have a problem funding wars. They’ll pump money into the military/industrial complex without a second thought, and with no hesitation at all. We have to approach rebuilding the infrastructure in the same way. W… See More25 . Top FanDianne KehlIt appears that getting anything done for the good of the country will have to be without republican support. They don’t give a damn about anything except themselves much like their beloved leader8 . Patricia MullettWhat republicans want is exactly why we are in such a sorry mess. All they ever want to do is put bandaids on instead of actually investing and doing the work that we need done we are way past just patching 18  Native Grandchildren Of The Indians Shirt

Native Grandchildren Of The Indians Shirt

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