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General Motors was paying employers 1.00 in 1959. 20 years later they were getting 20.00 a hour. Then they went bankrupt…50 years later their getting less then in 1969. That was the union that bankrupt general motors. Hmmm. When the GOP passed legislation to provide a $1 trillion tax break to corporations and the 1% without a single Democratic vote, I didn’t hear my Republican bros say. ” Wait, It has to be bipartisan.” Pkeasr don’t tell me we can’t use the same tools to help working people.. Need ID to join a union. Isn’t that to difficult for people. Seems to be your partys platform.. Not with the Filibuster in place.. Because both parties trying to compete to fulfill neoliberal Regan-omics have savagely attacked unions.. And THAT’S why Denmark doesn’t need a minimum wage. Powerful and very popular unions. Go Bernie! … The US is the only developed country where the people are tricked into short changing themselves by their corrupted elected officials Native Indigenous Heart Classic Shirt

Native Indigenous Heart Classic Shirt

They don’t want $15 an hour. Because then they would not qualify for all the state subsidized benefits. That is how it works Bernie!. I am sorry but jobs at McDonald’s and the like — unless you are in management — are not intended to be lifetime career jobs. They’re intended to be a starting point. If people wish to make more they can go to school or vocational program to learn a trade and and eventually make more. Besides have you eaten at McDonald’s lately? Or Burger King? Or Jack-in-the-Box? And have gotten home to see your burger just thrown on a bun with the cheese half off of it and mustard and ketchup dripping down the side cause they missed the burger when they were putting it on? You’re telling me someone who makes a burger like that deserves $15 an hour? Really?. It’s time we pay Senators $15/hr. Your salary is absurd. Native Indigenous Heart Classic Shirt

Native Indigenous Heart Classic Shirt

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