Native american mask

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What a pathetic remark-his autopsy report said he had two different types of drugs in his system. Native american mask. So not really the clean living, turn over a new leaf life style.

Native american mask

Native american mask- pic 1
mask- pic 1

Do you think the pregnant woman who he held a gun to her stomach, has forgotten? The people who he sold drugs to- how many of those life’s did he destroy? When he used his counterfeit dollars in shops do you think those shop keepers were laughing at losing money.When the police officer has served his time in prison- will you be so forgiving? When he was involved in a gang rape,is that forgotten just because it was a while ago? Native american mask. Because it’s racist to think that using a counterfeit $20 bill is a legitimate reason for a cop to kill you. I don’t care what he did in his past. That cop had no right to kill him. Really so…Where,exactly does this happen? If you are a law abiding individual..why would anyone have to worry? Here is the reality,here in the US..certain areas of major cities..that,if,a white person were to take an evening stroll..they absolutely would NOT worry about any cop shooting them but..the odds of them walking out unharmed,aren’t to their favor so..your argument,opinion is void.Oh,by the way…statistically,MORE whites,here in the good old US,are shot,and killed,by police. BLM – a social movement born of the black communities anger and frustration towards the American police killing them at a higher, disproportionate rate than that of any other race. Especially when considering that black Americans make up 13% of the American populous.

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