Native the original founding fathers cap

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Think how much further ahead the US would be if cancel culture was able to cancel all things signed by that sob and his appointees.. Cancelling student debt is my kind of cancel culture.. Nice seeing someone finally drain the swamp!. Now that we’ve heard from the rich Harvard professor who coddled teachers unions that are failing children in impoverished communities, perhaps we can hear from someone credible.. so thankful to have qualified people with humanity as heads of departments again.. Or at least extend out the term of the loan, or renegotiate the interest rates they are paying. Any kind of relief would be welcome. But lenders who offered fair terms shouldn’t be stuck with the entire bill. How about not financing worthless degrees.. Isn’t this the same Betsy DeVoss that you fought over finding for private schools? You know, the private schools you funded in this last relief package. Native the original founding fathers cap

Native the original founding fathers cap

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Yeah and Biden also promised to include $10K of federal student debt forgiveness in this last relief bill, but THAT didn’t happen, now did it Warren? So this is just theatrical cannon fodder in my opinion.. So adults got cheated by Liberals and the government needs to bail them out?. So many more people will be happy if you just cancel interest accrued.. If we are going to help them. Why not force these schools to pay it back? Why is it always on the tax payer with you people?. There are many, maybe not everyone, but many people who need relief from some or all of their student debt.. What should someone do if they believe they have been defrauded?. Time to underwrite loans properly.. That was one of the meanest things DeVos did.. Any chance of claw-back of some of the money that was illegally gained by the for-profit rip-off colleges? Native the original founding fathers cap

Native the original founding fathers cap

No graduate school loans should forgiveness none nada.. Betsy Devoid was an iconic representation of every unqualified, devisive and inappropriate appointment lyin donnie ever made.. We start the clean up and rebuild on all fronts.. Time the department of education and the justice department go after the bad apples in education. Give them the power to do it!. keep fighting for us all, Senator! and thanks. De Vos should be prosecuted for what she did to our students!. Home Schooling and Private Schools have higher test scores then the Public School system and they did keep going this year and no child was left behind in learning.. How about telling colleges and yes the one you worked for to stop raising tuitions. Eliminate student debt. Senator will you be paying for it? Or you think you should just tax us more?. Is she guilty of anything? Can some of the millions she has be taken to pay student debt?

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