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When are you going to criticize the Right-Wing anarchists, Thugs & Agitators? Far more dangerous because they fire at civilians and federal officers. But you won’t. Police who step over the line and execute people of color walk away in your politics. Natives customized name 3d hoodie. Those who protest this horrible injustice, who are not ANTIFA, but citizens of the United States, get gassed and beaten with clubs. Then shot by the Right-Wing anarchists. You have chosen a side Mr. President. You should have sought to difuse this and bring the Nation together. But your duty means nothing to you. Only power.

Natives customized name 3d hoodie

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Your going to prison soon. Wonder how much attention you’ll get there. Probably a lot of people in there will be anxious to greet you in their special way. I doubt that Pence can grant you a pardon in time. It took Biden this long to condemn the violence. Only after his numbers started going down. Natives customized name 3d hoodie. The violence in the streets of these democrat ran cities are truly and only at fault of the democratic party. Let’s not forget that these rioters are bought and paid for by the democratic party. Trump offered to bring in the national guards and these democratic mayors and governors didnt want him to. These riots would have all been gone by now but the democrats thought it would help them. They thought it would help them and it backfired on them big time. The mayor of Portland even tried to blame Trump for the violence in his city when he was in the streets with these rioters cheering them on. The dems are always blaming someone else for things they do.

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