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Four of us voted for you in PA today! Never would be where we are today if you were allowed to be the candidate of choice in 2016. Natural light hawaiian shirt. Now no job, no healthcare, a pandemic and riots because of racial injustice and police brutality and a wannabe dictator lunatic for president.

Natural light hawaiian shirt

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shirt – detail

I totally agree, but given that the republican led Senate would never agree to this, can there at least be a concession to allow polls to be open for more than just 1 day? This can help reduce the long lines and big crowds and also give those that are busy and/or have difficulty making it there to make arrangements to get out to vote. It’s far more then safely. Natural light hawaiian shirt. It’s Convenient. Vote from the confront of your own home. Take your time and research the candidates and issues at hand to make a well informed decision. Then you have places like Oregon that not only have mail in ballots but secured drop off sites you can take them to. Don’t even have to get out of your car and a website to check to see if it’s been received.

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