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Here in Nebraska.. we don’t all live o n farms,ride horses,or grow corn. I live in Lincoln, the city. Nor do I grow corn or ride horses. Nebraska For Trump Flag. Now if you want to live on a farm, Nebraska would be perfect,or even if you want a city that’s not too crazy, It’s perfect here. And people only say it’s boring cause they don’t know how to have fun unless something is  given to them. True story. It’s cold In Winter and Hot in summer. And it’s true , a lot of tornadoes. But you get used to it! And I’ve lived in Lincoln my whole life, born raised and hopefully gonna die here. I’ve never seen a tornado in my life. I actually feel the opposite of it’s boring.

Nebraska For Trump Flag

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I’ve stayed on Vacation in South Dakota, And Vegas. They both got boring.. there is nooo place in the Worrrrld that will not everr get boring.. once you’ve seen everything you’re bored. We’re just full of Husker Fans! If you’re not. Get out ! We honestly have parties for the games. We take out football seriously. Well basically wherever you go in Nebraska , you’ll see a cornfield. And Hills. And Some type of Husker Logo. We buy ou r vehicles red, just for the Huskers. So if you say you get bored in Nebraska. Nebraska For Trump Flag. Why are you here.. cause most likely, you’re gonna be here your whole life. My friend promised on her life she was gonna move, guess what ? She did move, to cali. Got bored, 6 months later.  Came home. Then she moved to New York, got bored.  Came back, then to Florida ! She eventually came back to Nebraska. And she got a job as a social worker and loves it here. The happiest she’s ever been. Now Idont know about anyone else who lives in Nebraska.. but I love it. And I’m actually watching the game right now :). So don’t listen to all of the stereotypes, lies or the people who say its boring . Try it out and move here, this is where it’s relaxing, yet not far from fun. Come to the Midwest and experience this State. Ohh. And we  don’t get around by horses,trains, or anything else you heard. We have cars, so calm down. Oh&also you’ll see alottt of semi’s. It’s scary at first but it gets better. And you can go to the store, and most likely see someone you know, we’re also friendly.

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