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Had you little dogs nipping at his ankles. Maybe if you would have stopped inundating him with vituperative haranguing. It’s like my first sgt.’s poster over his desk said; “it’s hard to remember that your job was to drain the swamp, when your up to your necks in alligators” so apropos. Neil peart rush drummer legend poster. Lead, follow. Or get out of the way. Yes, asume that everybody carry the virus, with your mouth, nose, cover, you avoid contaminating others, the virus will not spread more than an inch, the use of glasses on the streets, remember that contamine is through the mouth, nose and eyes or Wound or scrach, wash your Hands constantly etc. That will help Authorities control the Pandemic.

Neil peart rush drummer legend poster

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Bill Gates talked about a virus coming our way. Gates went to visit Trump as president and told him to prepare for a pandamic. His wise words fell in deaf ears. Trump knew about Chinas pandamic. They knew since last year. They kept it from the public because if they told the public it would cause the stock market to plummet. Our leader folks again and again and agian failed us. Many will probably vote for him. But let me ask you, shouldnt he earn your vote. Neil peart rush drummer legend poster. Has anyone else been watching these Trump pressers? These clowns are all sharing 1 microphone right now Trump Pence and Navaro are shoulder to shoulder with 6″ between each other …but be sure to follow the President’s guide lines which are basically 6 feet of physical distance…Now contrast this with Coumo’s daily presser where truth and actually following the guidelines is on full display. Seriously though I’m watching Trump blame everyone else for his sins

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