Nessa Oh Merry Christmas Jumper and Sweater

Do you want it? Nessa Oh Merry Christmas Jumper. Full color, available in a few days. Buy it today before we sell out.



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Ronda Cross Griffin love one-another like Jesus did, God blesses the children, not the ones that put them there. Nessa Oh Merry Christmas Jumper. There are Good Samaritans too. Practice what you preach please. Jeanne Rogers Connecticut and Mass are blue states, blue sanctuary states, we’re in major debt, businesses are leaving, no jobs, governor piling on taxes, crime is up, benefits for the elderly and vets cut, but the illegals get full healthcare, full rent and utilities pd, a few hundred in food stamps per month, they can’t work conveniently moved to a state where there isn’t anything they could do if legal anyway both states have illegals voting for the Dems because they get a free ride!

Nessa Oh Merry Christmas Jumper and Sweater

Nessa Oh Merry Christmas Jumper-red
Nessa Oh Merry Christmas Jumper-navy
Nessa Oh Merry Christmas Jumper - green
Jumper – green

Voter ID is needed in both these states. Don’t let this happen to your state vote red. And the Republicans had control of the House and Senate for 2 years after Trump started, so any elderly and vets cuts was under Republicans. Illegals do NOT receive anything. You need to show ID to receive benefits. Proof you flunked history in high school. Nessa Oh Merry Christmas Jumper. Darleen Cuppy Ohio is with you Missouri vote blue and take our country back. Looks like trump lost 2 out of 3 in the deep south. People are starting to see him for who he is,a fraud. Darleen Cuppy they came close just like Virginia came close,I’m not concerned,these were governor races,not presidential races.

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