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In 1979, Reno offered a nice quality of life. Housing was relatively affordable as compared to California. There was no state income tax. There were four seasons, and none of them were especially severe. You could drive for 15 minutes in any directions and be in relative desolation. Nevada For Trump Flag. Casinos offered inexpensive entertainment options. I could see the cabaret show at Harrah’s for $5, which included two drinks. Many of the players were retread 1960s bands I listened to growing up: Paul Revere and the Raiders, The Association, The Limeliters, the Kingston Trio, the Mamas and the Papas (with the original Papas, but MacKenzie Phillips singing her mom’s part and Spanky of Spanky and Our Gang singing Mama Cass’ part). I could usually use the drink tokens I received whenever I cashed my paycheck there, so I saw the show for a $2 tip to the cocktail waitress. Nearly every casino had live entertainment in their lounges, plus headliner shows at the larger venues (although they could be expensive tickets). I could get a 16 oz. New York steak dinner at the Comstock for $5, or steak and lobster for $8. The atmosphere was nothing to get excited about (think Denny’s with slot machines), but the food was fine. Steak and eggs or a five-egg omelet at the Peppermill was $5 between midnight and 6 AM.

Nevada For Trump Flag

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There were two good hospitals, a decent selection of medical providers, and a good-sized shopping mall, with a couple of lesser malls for variety. If you liked to ski, Tahoe was an hour away. Reno has since experienced unplanned, uncontrolled growth. There are traffic jams on every major route. The water supply and sewer capacity is stretched to the limit. The city council bet the farm that gaming would continue to grow as a tourist draw, when in fact Indian casinos drained away much of the tourist revenue. Nevada For Trump Flag. Gang violence is common, and Nevada has some of the worst schools and lowest spending on education in the country. Climate change has severely distorted the seasons, so snow in July isn’t unknown. Donner Pass, the most direct route to California, closes regularly in the winter due to severe weather. It always closed now and then, but now it’s a frequent event. Although wood-burning stoves are not permitted in new structures, there are still a lot of them in use. The smoke they produce, plus vehicle exhaust, can get trapped over the city by cold air in the winter, making for some truly awful air quality. When my police academy class graduated in 1979, it took the sworn officer count to a then-all-time-high of 302, to police a population of not quite 100,000 people, or roughly three cops per thousand, Today, Reno PD has about 375 (Edit 06/02/19: there are actually only 317 sworn officers) officers to police a population of 249,000, so the ratio is about half what it was when I was a rookie.

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