New orleans saints nfl cloth mask

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I have yet to see one democrat condone the looting and violence. New orleans saints nfl cloth mask. Trump has not said one word about how to get people to work together the only roundtable he had on race had a bunch of black conservatives there who validate what he thinks the black community is, no community leaders, politicians, etc. As far as my city, it’s the mayor (who I can’t stand) AND the police unions. Mind you they haven’t been defunded yet and the uptick and violence has happened.

New orleans saints nfl cloth mask

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That Biden is winning in the polls is a mirage. People think in times like this we need a strong president. We need a president who will not only unite this country but keep citizens and property safe. You will do great and you will hire the top people. It would be nice to see Condelisa Rice as VP. New orleans saints nfl cloth mask. She’s educated and has years of experience to help lead our Country. We will need to restore a lot of things that have been destroyed… Of which is our relationship with our partners. In 40 years you have done nothing. Nothing for this country and nothing to unite us. You’re the best example of failed leadership. What have you offered over the last 40 years.? If you couldn’t do it then, you can’t now. You don’t even know your wife from your sister

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