New York Rangers face mask

Do you love it? New York Rangers face mask. Available in more style, buy it today before lose it forever.



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It’s a good idea as we need to be precautions at this time in life. New York Rangers face mask. Don’t know who is drenched with the virus or who walks with it,as its untracable.

New York Rangers face mask

New York Rangers face mask- pic 1
mask- pic 1

lmao let me know how sterile the inside of your purse is. New York Rangers face mask. Or how about those petrol handles you touch to fill your car before putting on your mask? First phase, corporate media propaganda instills fear into the masses, about a virus with a 97-98% survivability rate, nevermind that when h1n1 hit the US and targetted our children, absolutely nothing was done, schools NEVER shut down! next phase, seal the fear with “experts” telling us we need to shut down the economy to prevent the spread. This sets the stage for further phases. This article is corporate media propaganda at its finest! This is the start of the brainwashing, next they will tell you an immunization will protect you from getting the virus, then they will tell you your kids cant go to school without it, you cannot walk in a store without it. so if they told you that the only way your children could go to school was if they had been immunized or the only way you could go into the grocery store was if you were immunized, you and your children would all go get that shot right? I’m still on the fact, it’s been in China since Nov/Dec and in the US since Dec. Yet let’s act like idiots NOW. Christmas/New Year’s is the busiest week of the year to travel…..but oh yeah I’m sure not a single person flew that had it, that week? Yeahhhh okay.

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