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Now I know what you are thinking, “But, but, Bernie said he makes $80 gajillion per second. Why would we he say it if it wasn’t true?” New york islanders filter face mask. The answer is Bernie is just as big of a economic illiterate as you are. I know when you hear about Bezos’ net worth of $100+ billion you envision some skyscraper vault filled with cash and gold coins and Bezos is the dragon from Lord Of The Rings, but that isn’t how wealth, economics, or money works. Bezos doesn’t actually have $100 billion. He owns $100 billion worth of his company. To turn that into cash, he would have to sell his ownership in said company.

New york islanders filter face mask

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While we are on the subject, how does Amazon not pay taxes? You probably think they have some super secret foreign bank where all of the company’s profits get shipped to via the Matrix or submarine. That’s not it. Amazon doesn’t pay taxes because Amazon doesn’t have any net profit. New york islanders filter face mask. The company takes all of it’s profits and spends it… on the company. Picture a family owned restaurant that after paying it’s bills and payroll, made $50k last year. Now if that family takes that $50k and starts building another restaurant with it, then there is no profit to tax. Amazon does the same thing, which is why it went from a bookstore in a garage in the 90s to the international retailer we know today. In the age of information, ignorance is a choice. It’s fine to be ignorant of something you don’t care about and don’t talk about. The problem rises when you start talking about or voting based off subjects you have no fucking clue about.

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