New york jets face mask

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That has been the issue … too much one-sided reporting. Your reporters at CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS etc. are one-sided in their reporting. As a trained and experienced journalist, you cover all angles, get all information and never take a side. Even FOX can be biased to the opposite side. It’s not too. New york jets face mask. A strong investigative journalist looks at all the info, data, everything, digging deep to get the most accurate picture. Sadly, journalists today just get what they need to fit their bias, which is an extremely unethical way of reporting.

New york jets face mask

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face mask – detail

This is very misleading. First and foremost forget about population size instead look at the number of test carried our per 100k capita. It’s also wrong to compare one country with the entire union of individual counties each with their own vastly different number of cases, deaths and testing aswell as the different governments and policies! (there was nothing United about the EU when it came to the virus) Also the number of cases means very little because it really does depend on how many daily tests are being carried out, the more tests you do the more cases you find in a country (for once Trump got something right. New york jets face mask. Instead it’s important to look at the percentage of tests that comeback with a positive result. According to the CDC the rolling average is now at 9% for the US. The UK is at 13% and Sweden 14% (originally pro herd immunity) all other eu counties are trailing below 5%. Also the figures on that graph are inaccurate and I can’t help but think some manipulation has gone on. I’m all for power to the left but this information is pretty biased and misleading

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