New york mets filter face mask

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We live in a country where ‘The Golder Rule’ seems to be who ever has the most gold makes the rules. New york mets filter face mask. The politicians with the most contributions (super PACs, etc. We need to change this. One way is overturn the (baldy decision.) Citizens United decision. We have a totally cruel incompetent leader and administration that puts their money over human lives. In war we surely have guns and gear. But here at home taking care of our own. We would rather not spend that. Because masks and gloves probably definitely costs more than arms and ammunition

New york mets filter face mask

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Cause everything is politicized and or organized for profit. Even helpful programs are gutted by the opposition, built to fail in order to get enough votes to pass or ensure opportunity for gouging. Covid 2020 will surpass tax cut 18/19 as the greatest redistribution of wealth but in all of human history. New york mets filter face mask. Because we have leadership on both sides of the aisle that have sold their promises to the highest bidder in return for their God, The Almighty Dollar. As a result the will of the people and the people themselves you know the ones who elected that leadership, the whole by the people for the people idea have become collateral damage and said leadership doesn’t give a shit if we live or die as long as they have the most riches.

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