New york yankees hawaiian shirt

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Travis Carr , Joe does know his name and mean what he say, but Trump can’t remember what he say from day to day. He lie so much and can’t remember he said it. Even when he is shown the film to remind him he call it fake news. Week or weak . New york yankees hawaiian shirt. Donald Trump came to prominence on a ticket of I am going to drain the swamp yet it was Trump who was the swamp and Robert muellar who partially drained it .the truth is that Trump had four years to improve infastructure instead he spent one whole year of his four year term playing golf cost to the taxpayer 1/4 of a billion dollars Deum benedicite Joe Biden much love

New york yankees hawaiian shirt

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hawaiian shirt – detail

Aaaand you JOE, have been in office for decades, and suddenly you have all the answers? What took you so long? And WHY won’t you answer any questions from the reporters?????? Oh, yeah, you can’t because everything for you is in a script form being fed to you by a teleprompter! New york yankees hawaiian shirt. You can’t even repeat complete sentences, go take a nap Joe. Instead of addressing real issues Trump is on TV right now basically making a campaign speech, when he’s supposed to be holding a press conference, and at the same time stroking his own ego with falsehoods. He’s pathetic and not fit to lead. I can’t wait until I can say “President Biden”. You had 44 years in public office to “deliver”. Why should we believe you suddenly will now that you can’t even put two sentences together

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