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Amelie BowerBernie, Bernie, Bernie, I know you think you are right and you mean well but if You don’t know the extent of the Corruption in the past Election then you just have not been paying attention! I pray for all who still preach and think they are right but Left has never been Right , just sayin!4 . Cathy O’RourkeIf all children born here get a Social Security number, why can’t we be registered to vote at the same time? . Marty VarnerIt also: 1. Eliminates private spending limits when receiving public funding. 2. Raises party donations from 5000 to 1 million.3. Does not restrict super pacs or dark money. 4. Does not restrict victory funds.This bill pushes citizens united further. I am disappointed that you would not only advocate, but publicly support a bill like this.6 . The smallest minority, the individual.1. Register to Vote2. Report to voting session3. Show an id4. VoteIt is simple. To try to complicate this makes the system less trustworthy8  NFL Arizona Cardinals Team Ticket Runner Doormat

NFL Arizona Cardinals Team Ticket Runner Doormat

Mark RitenourI’m if the DNC worked as hard at stopping Joe Manchin as they did at stopping Bernie Sanders from becoming president2 . Top FanRoberto MelfiRepugnant dont want this….its against there plans… . Adrian CardenasAll this new technology we should be able to choose what we the people want to fund with our tax dollars from an app on our phones, it should be that easy.  . Johnathon J MeachamI’m not sure if any of those bullet points are a good thing. Lol. I feel like people should have to go register in person, and there shouldn’t be any early voting. 2 . Buzzo BrunoONLY “THING” Bernie is 100% WRONG on is a $15 an hour minimum wage!!!!!!–It would create “ULTRA-INFLATION” & be UNFAIR to the minimum wage earner–EVEN though the “MINIMUM WAGE EARNER is making more than TWICE AS MUCH”!!!!!!1 . Elizabeth Stryd DownardDemocrats used the filibuster over 300 times in 2020. So now because you want certain legislation passed you say the filibuster is racist. So were the Democrats racist over 300 times last year when you and your colleagues used the filibuster?  NFL Arizona Cardinals Team Ticket Runner Doormat

NFL Arizona Cardinals Team Ticket Runner Doormat

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