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Paul WebbOne thing to consider…. The Republican base is heavily tipped to older people. Making it harder and more inconvenient to vote will make it harder for old republicans to vote. All this brew-ha-ha the republicans are stirring about voting just may bite them in the behind. 10 . Thomas EffertzI feel all of those things would lead to errors. Automatic registration…what if they don’t vote? Someone might use that vote without them knowing. No voter purges? How do you remove people that die from voter roles? I mean yes let’s make voting quick, efficient, & easy…but have common sense safeguards.3 . Timothy WarnerRepublicans don’t want voting to be easier, because then they would never win another election again 2 . Dick KochSo if this establishes automatic voter registration why HR1 and S1? Why requiring an ID be so awful?3 . Keith BrooksThey want to stop it because it allows every “ILLEGAL ALIEN” the ability to vote in our elections, and they have no constitutional right to do so. You keep forgetting to tell people that little detail Bernie.16  NFL Baltimore Ravens Team Ticket Runner Doormat

NFL Baltimore Ravens Team Ticket Runner Doormat

Steve GodwinWe also need to outlaw those state laws that enable state officials to overturn election results.28 . Valerie WolvertonWoW! So many people don’t see what’s going on right underneath their noses in 47 states! They are passing State legislation to make it harder for Americans to vote, period! Especially effecting certain, they are setting it up so that they can more easily overturn the results, claiming anything they chose to denounce so they can steal the elections..7 . Stephanie VailWhen are you going to push for House and Senate term limits? Oh, that’s right…. never mind. 18 . Top FanMary SimsThey are keeping you from enacting your promises and world saving agenda by putting up all these new road blocks. GOVERNMENT SUCKS. THIS IS WHY NOTHING EVER GETS DONE. just so frustrating  . Kate FerraraBiden should do executive order for For the People Act and nationwide voting rights1 . Dave SiegelThanks for your continued advocacy on this issue so fundamental to American democracy and freedom. We all know how the Republicans feel about that, they hate it. They know they are so unpopular now they can’t win elections fair and square.10  NFL Baltimore Ravens Team Ticket Runner Doormat

NFL Baltimore Ravens Team Ticket Runner Doormat

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