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Top FanScott GerowA better future is closing in.19 . Lava NicheI love and highly respect Nina and am so happy to see her run for Congress. I’m crossing my fingers for her. Ohio (and the U.S.) would be so incredibly lucky to have her in Congress. 1 . Linda CowgillAbsolutely. Nina is an amazing person. She will advocate for Ohioans tirelessly.1 . Matthew HorneNina Turner is a legit progressive, unlike the tweeting posers of the squad who have sold themselves to the corporate wing of the democraric party14 . Zach JordanSent a couple bucks — let’s go Nina!! 14 . Tom Hogan“It’s like saying to somebody, ‘You have a bowl of s**t in front of you, and all you’ve got to do is eat half of it instead of the whole thing,’” she said. “It’s still s**t.”Turner on the last election.1 . Bernadette HrabakLove this lady. She was so great on the campaign trail with Bernie. She was like listening to an old time country preacher and it was so great!1  NFL Dallas Cowboys Team Ticket Runner Doormat

NFL Dallas Cowboys Team Ticket Runner Doormat

Yet it made me a poor person rich, in my own world, because businesses competed for my work. Giving out money does not improve middle class.. Melanie Batin. I love my Trump tax cuts! Especially the corporate ones.. Move on & get something accomplished. What about that border? It seems like they are using common core math????. Still waiting for those tax cuts to pay for themselves, increase jobs, and benefit the middle class. NFL Dallas Cowboys Team Ticket Runner Doormat MEDIA1.TENOR.CO 503 Service Unavailable. Inflation Nation. Just because someone feels better after getting drunk doesn’t mean that alcohol is good for you. Short term money to people makes them feel good and might alleviate some immediate problems (not to mention they usually vote for you if you give them money) But long term it has all kinds of negative consequences for the individuals and for the economy as a whole. So called “giveaways to the rich” is in fact money that is used long term for investment, or in the form of wages, lower prices (if there is adequate competition) dividends or spent on other products and services. Unless the public understands the economic damage that confiscation of wealth by taxes and dilution of wealth by quantitative easing it will always choose the short term over the longer term. But we all know the donut is easier than going to the gym everyday.

NFL Dallas Cowboys Team Ticket Runner Doormat

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