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Andrew LichtensteinDrew Jodice The people who are going to ultimately lose their ability to vote due to Manchin’s opposition to the bill this post refers to are probably not feeling that same breath of fresh air. But that doesn’t really matter to you now does it 2 . Jim WeillDrew Jodice Back in 2018 the republicans hadn’t staged an unsuccessful coup against the duly elected president, so there’s that.6 . Shirley Ann MoyerWhen Trump was running for President in 2016 there wasn’t a pandemic killing Americans!! We didn’t have a lot of mail in ballots, people went to the polls. In 2020 we had the worst pandemic in our history killing Americans by the thousands. Just because Trump said it was a Democrat HOAX to keep him from getting reelected the Republicans bought his BS. More people VOTED than EVER before and a lot was by mail! Votes counted, NO FRAUD, in any of our States was found. People need to come to their senses and except that TRUMP LOST FAIRLY!!4  NFL Denver Broncos Team Ticket Runner Doormat

NFL Denver Broncos Team Ticket Runner Doormat

Amelie BowerBernie, Bernie, Bernie, I know you think you are right and you mean well but if You don’t know the extent of the Corruption in the past Election then you just have not been paying attention! I pray for all who still preach and think they are right but Left has never been Right , just sayin!4 . Cathy O’RourkeIf all children born here get a Social Security number, why can’t we be registered to vote at the same time? . Erica HatcherThis bill has a nice name, but it is NOT For the People! This bill will put great grandchildren in debt for their lives and their children’s lives, destroy the dollar and inflation will be so rampant, ’the people’ won’t be able to afford food! Get out of America, Mr. Sanders. You are NOT For the People!1 . Marty VarnerIt also: 1. Eliminates private spending limits when receiving public funding. 2. Raises party donations from 5000 to 1 million.3. Does not restrict super pacs or dark money. 4. Does not restrict victory funds.This bill pushes citizens united further. I am disappointed that you would not only advocate, but publicly support a bill like this.6  NFL Denver Broncos Team Ticket Runner Doormat

NFL Denver Broncos Team Ticket Runner Doormat

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