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Top FanAlex RobinsonAgree! Start pushing a flat tax. The most equal option in the world! No loopholes, to write offs, no anything. You could end all the madness with a single page bill nullifying all previous tax laws and setting the exact same tax for every person who ea… See More3 . Michael SpletterShow some fiscal discipline and cut spending first. Then we can talk about taxes.2 . Rhonda L McIntosh-TiptonDisability in this country is like being convicted, only no solid housing, steady food, dignity, or medical care… regardless of age. Lifetime.2 . Denise LawrenceAnd now Jeff Bezos wants to rocket himself into outer space so he won’t be able to be held accountable lol 2 . Jan AmzgracePerhaps we should stop buying their products until the right thing is done or they show some integrity! Stopped buying Amazon anything after they charged my $200 in memberships without my Knowledge, Tesla’s that ain’t ever going to happen!2  NFL Green Bay Packers Team Ticket Runner Doormat

NFL Green Bay Packers Team Ticket Runner Doormat

Willy DeBunkitTaxes are theft. Even Liberals agree. 9 . Doug FitchettTop 5% of earners pay 60% of federal income taxes. Don’t like it, stop your rhetoric directed towards the ignorant and do your job to change tax law in Congress, not Facebook 8 . Alex Marceau“Moral obscenity” is right. 7 . Carter HarveyHard to pay income tax each year if you don’t get a paycheck.Elon receives $0 paycheck from Tesla, so pays $0 income taxes. His wealth is from shares, which he can only sell after 5 years, at which point he pays capital gains taxes.Please stop conflating wealth with income.4 . Frau BudgieFrom the article, Jeff Bezos paid $973M in taxes and Elon Musk paid $455M. Not exactly zero. The article also conflates “wealth” (the value of stock holdings which vary greatly up and down) with “income.”4 . Greg DudleyHow about putting an end to Congressional members from taking advantage of insider information, collecting a salary and violating the Constitution for their own political gain.5  NFL Green Bay Packers Team Ticket Runner Doormat

NFL Green Bay Packers Team Ticket Runner Doormat

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