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This man is all time favorite …his words are as motivating as the speed in formula 1 racing speeding up activity of people of all sectors ….. Yeah Chief, mine was Bosemans Sporting Goods the first year and Pop Warner league came into Wilmington the second year and we became the Wolfpack. Ours was patterned after N.C. State Wolfpack because Doug Quinn our coach graduated from State. Beautiful works man! Such wonderful times these are in our lives and we never realize it til later. So badly needed by all of us, young and old alike. Great Post! . I really believe that exercise sustains us friendships. The coach is very important but now I am my own coach.. Obama continues to do great stuff post presidency. Setting a great example for other leaders to follow . Awesome. It is so good to see our young folks doing something positive. Great job coach NFL Kansas City Chiefs Team Ticket Runner Doormat

NFL Kansas City Chiefs Team Ticket Runner Doormat

Love . That’s right, Barack! NFL Kansas City Chiefs Team Ticket Runner Doormat Sports helps build character. I’ve also discovered this in online gaming. Even, in a virtual space normally associated with immature and toxic behavior, there is a place for those who wish to treat others with fairness, respect, and Aloha. That’s what I’ve tried to do as a gamer, Barack, and I’ve made so many friends for doing so, friends from around the world, friends for life. “And it’s not just a game You can’t throw me away I put all I had on the line And I give and you take And I played the high stakes I’ve won and I’ve lost But, I’m fine.” “Hear me say I’ll rise up ’til the end Hear me say I’ll stand up for my friends And I crash to the ground And it’s just my own sound I drop in the blink of an eye.” “I’m colorblind.” (“Colorblind” by Overtone from the soundtrack for the 2009 Clint Eastwood film “Invictus”). What an amazing story! Kudos to coach Earnest for all he does for kids. Sports are a great way for keeping them focused. Thank you President Obama for always truly caring about “we” the people

NFL Kansas City Chiefs Team Ticket Runner Doormat

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