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Karen S KatzenyammerBernie we hear you and agree. But we are the public and can not change the tax code. You work in the Senate and can. How do we make that happen. Where as you will find large crowds to take to the streets for injustices like George Floyd you will not find that kind of action for fairer taxes.33 . Dava BunyarattPeople who don’t pay taxes shouldn’t complain about how taxes are spent. Period. It’s not their money.4 . Top FanTrudy RayWelfare for the rich is when their employees have to have government assistance to get by.24 . Randal JasperA majority of Americans are collecting hella unemployment and paying no taxes on. Then if they actually had them withheld are getting refunds. While us hardworking Americans are seeing our hardworking dollar become worth less and less. Biggest improvement we can have is back to work to improve our economy. 40  NFL Los Angeles Chargers Team Ticket Runner Doormat

NFL Los Angeles Chargers Team Ticket Runner Doormat

Alexandria SlusarchukMust pay their SHARE! Fair Share! They use Roads, Airways, waterways, Bridges. And All! 9 . Taran SchmittWell you can’t blame them for getting away with it when politicians are allowing it to happen. Quit name dropping billionaires when you should be name dropping those who are corrupt around you, those that neglect the need for a change to be made to benefit our country.24 . Top FanTania Narvaez-ReyesIt’s disgraceful that retired Americans have to pay more for one medication than what they receive in their monthly pension. Especially when they have paid taxes all their lives! If Mexico and other countries have affordable medications why don’t we?7 . Dick KochThe tax thing has been going on for decades and will never change. We the people can’t do a thing why post to us. There is also something wrong when our enemies as China are building up their military and calling us weak to our face. We put in Bills for 6T for windmills and do nothing for our military like Trump did. Now cyber hacks and loss of gas so let’s see where the Russia talks go and work on our priorities  NFL Los Angeles Chargers Team Ticket Runner Doormat

NFL Los Angeles Chargers Team Ticket Runner Doormat

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