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And we need more Black coaches. In all sports but especially Football, Basketball and Baseball. We need kids to learn nor only from whites but blacks, so when they go Pro, black athletes will start asking for Black Head Coaches.. He should have done much for his community when he was in office , i still like him and he was a great president. This is one of the many reasons I love and respect you–you could go anywhere and do anything you want, but instead you ask permission and share your gratitude. What a wonderful, classy human being you are! Thank you.. This is what class and community commitment look like. Well done, as always, President Obama..   NFL New Orleans Saints Team Ticket Runner Doormat · Follow. It’s nice to see him still doing his best to bring about change for EVERY American (Correction- human being). The best President this country will see . What a fabulous video. So full of positive energy and hope for the future.

NFL New Orleans Saints Team Ticket Runner Doormat

Inclusive economic development is a very strong expression of what is needed in the approach to eliminate destroying difference in life opportunities. . Hope the meeting went well. In past, the whole community was considered family. If I did something wrong before my Mom got home from work, opps. The neighbor told Mom. We helped clean the neighborhood, we didn’t have street cleaners. If a family didn’t have food, we all gave food. I am 66. I thank you and Ms. First Lady-Michelle for extending your love of community. Former President Carter has been an example of humanity with building and now you and the misses. Thanks again.. “Michelle and I”……. I guess I have heard those words a million times. Perfect gentleman!. I love how you still have a true and sincere connection with your “roots”. It reflects the authenticity of the care you have for all people.. Very sad it won’t be in his home state of Hawaii. While we all live Michelle, IL is her home state, not the state that raised him with aloha. NFL New Orleans Saints Team Ticket Runner Doormat

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