NFL Packers filter face mask

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It happens because of lies. Smoke and mirrors. You’re NOT the richest country in the world. NFL Packers filter face mask. America’s government just kept saying it, like all the other lies, until everyone believed it to be true. It clearly isn’t! Mom came home today from work. She is a Dialysis specialist Rn. They have 1 mask per person to reuse. Today, she wasn’t thinking when she tried to microwave her mask to kill any germs on it, and end up catching it on fire because the metal in the mask that she forgot about and got burned thankfully her boss contacted someone to make their workers cloth mask today. It’s straight bull that these healthcare workers can’t get PPE.

NFL Packers filter face mask

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Because our president is an idiot who even now refuses to put forth a full throated federal response. NFL Packers filter face mask. He needs to put the full force of the US behind the Defense Production act and get every manufacturer making tests, swaps, And PPE. Cmon how hard can it be to make a plastic gown. Because the system is designed to keep leaders like you out. Corporations are our government and their purpose is profit and power. Wealthiest? long past due to drop that moniker. that part of the country is countryless with no allegiance to america. ever since reagan lifted ban to tax havens and shell companies, its where ever the sun is shining the brightest. So shameful and all the corruption in a broken system is being laid bare for all to see right now. Question is, are people motivated enough to mobilise in numbers and bring about change by voting

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