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John NdegwaWhat a great initiative. One of the hallmarks of President Obama’s tenure.46 . Judith RichardsonThank you Presidents Obama and Biden. I now have health insurance. Very grateful.37 . Anna McCallOh, it is such a joy to see these two Leaders for Justice together! Barack Obama is doing all he can as our former President to help President Biden achieve their goals of equality for ALL Americans in ALL aspects of life. I love the camaraderie between these two brothers in arms as they work to establish healthcare for all. Bless the two of you and your families. 197 . Helen QuinlanSo impressed with Biden so far. He is doing some amazing things. Taxing tech companies for one. 49 . Shajan M. JohnHow wonderful to see decency, intelligence, respect and meaning in conversation between past and present president. How can we keep this as the norm again?!?7 . Dawn LucanI am in agreement with you there. He has had a long time to study where it needs to be improved. Do not feel offended at all with his approach. It can happen with any law out there.13  NFL Philadelphia Eagles Team Ticket Runner Doormat

NFL Philadelphia Eagles Team Ticket Runner Doormat

Geri Mc MahonThe respect they have for each other!20 . Jimmy CarrollNice to see and hear sensible and civilised thoughts and conversation from Biden and Obama and good riddance to the absolute nonsense that was the norm of the previous administration.60 . Betsy Freeman SidersTogether these two awesome men will help our country recover from the horrible four years of the Trump era. I love both of these Presidents and will support them ALL THE WAY TO THE END !! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!Pause GIFTenor25 . Christe CampbellThank you, President Biden. I have only known a sense of peace since you took office.37 . Sarah BowyerYou two always make me smile 22 . Mary DavisYou two are the best. So good to see you and listen to straight talk no incoherent jibberish. God bless you.35 . Scott ThomassenAnd yet healthcare is still bankrupting millions of people in the U.S. You should give Bernie Sanders a call, and work on implementing Medicare for All.19  NFL Philadelphia Eagles Team Ticket Runner Doormat

NFL Philadelphia Eagles Team Ticket Runner Doormat

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