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Jan AmzgracePerhaps we should stop buying their products until the right thing is done or they show some integrity! Stopped buying Amazon anything after they charged my $200 in memberships without my Knowledge, Tesla’s that ain’t ever going to happen!2 . PJ BailsWe know, Bern! We know it’s all rigged. We know it’s an oligarchy. We know how the deep state works. 16 . Ron GaykemaThe USA is basically an societal experiment in deliberate cruelty 9 . Top FanAlex RobinsonAgree! Start pushing a flat tax. The most equal option in the world! No loopholes, to write offs, no anything. You could end all the madness with a single page bill nullifying all previous tax laws and setting the exact same tax for every person who ea… See More1 . Michael SpletterShow some fiscal discipline and cut spending first. Then we can talk about taxes.2 . Rhonda L McIntosh-TiptonDisability in this country is like being convicted, only no solid housing, steady food, dignity, or medical care… regardless of age. Lifetime.2  NFL Pittsburgh Steelers Team Ticket Runner Doormat

NFL Pittsburgh Steelers Team Ticket Runner Doormat

Paul WebbOne thing to consider…. The Republican base is heavily tipped to older people. Making it harder and more inconvenient to vote will make it harder for old republicans to vote. All this brew-ha-ha the republicans are stirring about voting just may bite them in the behind. 9 . Thomas EffertzI feel all of those things would lead to errors. Automatic registration…what if they don’t vote? Someone might use that vote without them knowing. No voter purges? How do you remove people that die from voter roles? I mean yes let’s make voting quick, efficient, & easy…but have common sense safeguards.3 . Valerie WolvertonWoW! So many people don’t see what’s going on right underneath their noses in 47 states! They are passing State legislation to make it harder for Americans to vote, period! Especially effecting certain, they are setting it up so that they can more easily overturn the results, claiming anything they chose to denounce so they can steal the elections..4  NFL Pittsburgh Steelers Team Ticket Runner Doormat

NFL Pittsburgh Steelers Team Ticket Runner Doormat

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