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You could certainly take the taxation is theft stance. However, that would mean willingly denying the protection of all goods and services provided for by those taxes. Unless you’re just refusing responsibility for your own consumption. Which makes you a bad person. You can’t have a non business hospital. NFL Saints filter face mask. Almost everyone on this comment are conflating topics. Even if we have universal healthcare, hospitals and medicine would still be a business. The DMV is a business. Businesses can be non profit and government run. Doesn’t stop them from being a business. I don’t believe medicine or education should be run for a profit. But they would still be businesses.

NFL Saints filter face mask

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Even with universal healthcare hospitals would still be a business. They would have customers (patients) they would have to calculate the use of supplies, have staffing based on demand etc. Removing profit or even point of sale compensation doesn’t change those things. Also to your original point it also wouldn’t allow hospitals to horde supplies. NFL Saints filter face mask. These supplies have shelf lifes/exp dates. Its not feasible even under UH to be so overworked with goods that more than likely won’t be used before they expired. Just to be thrown away and replaced with supplies that again probably wouldn’t be used. At least we would HOPE they aim to be cost effective. That’s another problem with government run facilities. Nothing motivates cost effectiveness like a business trying to make a profit. Government run offices have a huge tendency to be extremely wasteful with spending.

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