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Adam FowlerYou are talking about federal income taxes and just a few examples of “the wealthy.” There are many other taxes. Politicians always need an enemy to vilify – whether it be immigrants, other races or rich people.8 . Judy KopulosAnd they never will. They include their taxes in the price of doing business and pass them on to all of us. Economics, 101. Small business owners are the only businesses that actually pay taxes.3 . Elizabeth PetersThe G7 has proposed a 15% tax on corporate profits and The GOP has advised that they will do everything they can to make certain that does not happen. So whose side are they on? Well, it isn’t the side of rank-and-file Americans, to be sure!16 . Ralph D. WebsterBut create employment opportunities Bernie  . Barry Weiss“ProPublica, however, tries to make the case that the wealthy are getting away with murder through the tax code, so they “do a calculation that has never been done before,” comparing growth in wealth over the course of a year to taxable income. They use this to calculate an individual’s “true tax rate,” which is sort of like handing out wins in a baseball game in the middle of the early innings and calling it the “true outcome” of the contest.It’s hard to overstate how nonsensical this comparison is (which is perhaps why it’s never been done before). Our tax system rightly does not tax growth in one’s wealth until it is realized as income. After all, the alternative is a monstrously complex and unfair system of wealth taxation that developed countries have avoided.”4  NFL San Francisco 49ers Team Ticket Runner Doormat

NFL San Francisco 49ers Team Ticket Runner Doormat

Winston RalphsWeird it’s almost as though there are loopholes that allow them to count themselves as “employees” of their company who get paid $0 income.But sure, let’s raise taxes on the wealthy. 95% on 0$ is still gonna be $0. Fucking geniuses. . Reynaldo Celaya Jr.They pay the Senators to keep it that way. . Susan Perrottestunning! but just like Panama papers nothing will change! . Rita BarnesIt’s past time the rich paid their fair share!! Hmm 3 . Arleen PanellaAnd your in that category Bernie2 . Top FanLynda Thomas-LegayHave ‘them’ collectively fund ALL the Infrastructure that’s needed!1 . Ayaan ShahAmerica is the poorest people in the world, how many people agree like this 2 . Nini HayesWe have to call for boycotts. The companies we buy from own our gov’t. so our greatest leverage is at the checkout. 1 . Jake AshAt least their USA companies, IDK. Id rather have Star Link then the CCP.  NFL San Francisco 49ers Team Ticket Runner Doormat

NFL San Francisco 49ers Team Ticket Runner Doormat

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