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Vilma ThomasShe would just be like sanders herself. All futile. . Matthew EsbrookIM MAD YOU DIDNT MAKE THIS KIND OF STATEMENT FOR TULSI….WHO LITERALLY RISKED EVERYTHING TO STAND UP FOR YOU3 . John BenoitNina for president. The independent president. I hope she’s not running as a Democrat. She doesn’t have to in order to win.3 . Top FanAsher PintoShe’s the best!!  . Susan ZoblRun Nina Run. Wish I could vote for you.8 . Jasmine Colleen EhrminI would but act blue keeps taking from my account without approval . Trey CunninghamDon’t corrupt Nina, Bernie Sanders. We need someone who will ACTUALLY stand and fight.5 . Lenny Naturali am sure Bernie is a nice guy. but he is not the guy for the jobe5 . Candice McAndrewsThis was my dream team for President/Vice President for 2020. 2 . Famila SheilaJUST DID BERNIE! WE NEED HER THERE TO FIGHT FOR US!3 . Christopher Robin BonhamI do every month. Love from Maryland. 2  NFL Seattle Seahawks Team Ticket Runner Doormat

NFL Seattle Seahawks Team Ticket Runner Doormat

I can’t help but completely agree with everything you say. Tax cuts for the wealthy; a disgrace upon man, yet dedication and reverence a virtuous man. Upholding an oath to country and man, I have faith renewed, and a guiding hand. The rich are blinded by greed and lust, yet the true signs of dedication, my sir, I trust. Your words ring true and a flame renew, desire to help this country I do. Pleased am I to see this sign, this sign of triumph, it is divine.. Please, there is big money on both sides, with other countries leadership pulling the strings on us. Where they own shares in most of our news organizations, controlling what we see and hear…AND bought and paid for most of our politicians and their families…they planned long and hard for this…. trying to create a split amongst Americans….we need to come together, love and appreciate what was fought so hard for, because lets face it, it’s pretty darn nice to be an American, where we have free speech and if you want more nice things you can work hard for it and it’s yours…You yourself choose where you should donate to..not a bought off politician to choose for you….why is everyone trying so hard to get here fast from other countries if it is so bad? NFL Seattle Seahawks Team Ticket Runner Doormat

NFL Seattle Seahawks Team Ticket Runner Doormat

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