NFL steelers logo filter face mask

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I’ve been pushing for 10 years for real healthcare reform. There is no fake outrage here. NFL steelers logo filter face mask. There is only the reality of compounding existing issues by letting this nightmare of a presidency continue. I would think you of all people would be more upset about the DNC not listening to you and ignoring universal healthcare. You can vote biden and be one of their useful idiots. I will exercise the only power I have over them with my protest vote. Because I do not believe doing what they want will get them to change.

NFL steelers logo filter face mask

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lowering medicare from 65-60 is one of those half measures… does nothing for me and helps boomers who were 90% of the reason bernie didnt win, the most selfish generation IMO… outside of Biden adopting full on Universal there is nothing that will make me vote for him. Thank you for trying though. NFL steelers logo filter face mask. My point was that instead of just railroading Sanders and ignoring his platform, he’s inviting him to the table to help shape the agenda. Plus this is also the first proposal to lower the age for Medicare. Every other proposal I’ve seen raises that age. It’s not what we need but it’s better than what will happen otherwise. In 2016 this was never offered. There is now broad support for lots of changes considered too extreme in the past that Bernie has lead the charge for. Giving him a seat to start shaping that discussion at the party level is an important shift. Using that to our advantage is important to continue progress. Progress is possible.

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