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Keith BrooksThey want to stop it because it allows every “ILLEGAL ALIEN” the ability to vote in our elections, and they have no constitutional right to do so. You keep forgetting to tell people that little detail Bernie.14 . Joshua HadenfeldtIt’s easy to vote.. just have an ID and SSN. 1 . Top FanMary SimsThey are keeping you from enacting your promises and world saving agenda by putting up all these new road blocks. GOVERNMENT SUCKS. THIS IS WHY NOTHING EVER GETS DONE. just so frustrating  . Steve GodwinWe also need to outlaw those state laws that enable state officials to overturn election results.28 . Stephanie VailWhen are you going to push for House and Senate term limits? Oh, that’s right…. never mind. 18 . Tom HoganMake voting too easy and it will lose its integrity.3 . Kate FerraraBiden should do executive order for For the People Act and nationwide voting rights1  NFL Tampa Bay Buccaneers Team Ticket Runner Doormat

NFL Tampa Bay Buccaneers Team Ticket Runner Doormat

Those tax cuts helped millions of working people. If you honestly believe these stimulus bills have provided any kind of long term relief that will outweigh the crippling debt associated with it then clearly our elected representatives have lost all touch with reality. Thank you for clearly stating that you support shackling America’s future to look good in the present.. And how was this calculated to find a positive correlation that the checks where directly responsible for causing?. The Trump Con Job Act of 2017 was just another in a long string of Don’s Cons. Brought to you by the Repuglicon party.. Marilyn Brice. The Republicans are ever more deepening their roots as the party of the very rich and are widening the enormous wealth gap in our country between the “upper crust” wealthy and the rest of America. Steven Lee Kuchta NFL Tampa Bay Buccaneers Team Ticket Runner Doormat A complete and total division on the part of the GOP. As it has been for over a decade.

NFL Tampa Bay Buccaneers Team Ticket Runner Doormat

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